April 8-9, 2016

An exploration of today's world from the vantage point of the future

From the makers of Spark Camp


A diverse group of some of the world's most creative thinkers across disciplines, including Maria Popova, Glynn Washington, Nancy Spector, and several other presenters.


  • A.I. and the recently possible with Hilary Mason >>
  • Live taping of the Slate Money Podcast with Felix Salmon >>
  • Erin McKean, John McWhorter, and David J. Peterson on the future history of language >>
  • Live Story Jam with Glynn Washington >>


  • Exhibit 2016: Gallery + time capsule with Nancy Spector >>
  • Prom Night: Party like it's 2016>>

What will the history books say about us?

If the past is any guide, many of what historians will deem the most notable events of our time are escaping our notice today. Epochal shifts are happening below the radar, while minor blips dominate prime time. For a weekend, we'll look at today's world from the perspective of tomorrow's, uncovering the fundamental changes hidden in plain sight.

THE FUTURE HISTORY FESTIVAL, powered by Spark Camp, will bring together leading practitioners from the frontiers of civic innovation, media and design to dive past the news and find the new — emerging developments that will set the template for tomorrow. Over two days of bold presentations, powerful conversations, and entertaining performances, you'll make connections and unearth ideas that will help you navigate a truly changing world.


Time Capsule

The Festival ends with the sealing of a time capsule containing artifacts — fashion, media, technology, kitsch, personal — that will come to exemplify 2016. Check back soon to get details on the unveiling of the digital time capsule that will commemorate the event.

Getting There

Located in the historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, MD.

About Spark Camp

Spark Camp, the producer of The Future History Festival, is a next-generation convener, dubbed "the ultimate summer camp for influencers" by Fast Company.

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